Hello, my name is Michael Taylor. I'm a disabled veteran and a self-taught abstract artist. I have a small home studio hidden up in the North Georgia mountains near Blue Ridge, Georgia. How I ended up here is a strange story, but deciding to become an artist, now that is something that is even stranger still. Art, in all its various forms, has always been a part of my life and I have the deepest appreciation for its mastery. As a kid, I loved to draw & paint, however, I lived in an environment where it was neither appreciated nor supported.  So, I put my art away and went out into the world to see what mischief I could find.  Then in 2015, after 32 years being dormant, I picked up a paint brush and did my first painting called Monkey Wrench. I haven't stopped painting since. My medium is generally acrylics on either canvas or wood with an emphasis on texture and loud colors.  I love the chaos of abstract forms and size definitely matters.  My smallest paintings are generally no smaller than 24" x 36" and my largest are 60" x 72". Thank you for stopping by and if you see anything you like, please go to the contact page and let me know.

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